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All great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds - so don't argue with an idiot: he pulls you down to his level & beats you there with years of experience in idiocy & ignorance!

Happy 41st birthday to Andrew James Clutterbuck ♥♥♥

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exploreLA #7: Venice Canal Walkway 

Yet another first time visit to a Los Angeles landmark (it’s pretty fun to be a tourist in my city!). The canals were built in 1905 as part of a developer’s goal to create a ‘Venice of America.’ After years of disrepair, they’ve been renovated in the last 20 years to make it one of the most expensive places to live in the city. But the canals are, in a word, stunning. The canals, paired with another perfect, blue sky day in LA made it a photographer’s dream. What’s great is that all the homes lining the canals are works of art in themselves (though being walkway level, it must be a drag to have your home be so visible to passerbys). I was constantly whipping my head back and forth to catch the canal views and look at the neighborhood architecture. You have to find street parking, which may be difficult on a popular day, but the canals are worth it and more. It’s a real gem of a place.

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